Frolic Coffee + Chocolate

Small Batch Roasted Coffee + Bean-to-Bar Chocolate




Cold brew COFFEE. bean-to-bar chocolate. Simple, essential, daily pleasures. 

Why cold brew coffee? 

We're big fans of black coffee. But we had a problem — we couldn't find a cold brew on the market that we could drink without milk. So we made one ourselves! Made with our small batch roasted coffee and brewed for 19-22 hours — we (and our fans) think it's the best cold brew you can get. Creamy, chocolatey and oh so smooth. Drink it black or serve it with milk — that’s a damn fine cup of coffee, if we do say so ourselves.

Why Bean to Bar chocolate?

Chocolate is the perfect marriage of pleasurable and healthful. And it's also a highly mismanaged commodity. We aim to bring the best out in our precious, highly curated cacao beans because we want people to know what real chocolate tastes like — in all of its natural glory. For too long cacao has been dutch processed and marginalized as a hyper-sweet sugary treat. We think that disrespects cacao's potential and history. We're here to help change how people view and eat chocolate, one bar at a time. We respect the chocolate by taking our sweet time with the process. Each micro-batch of our dark chocolate bars takes 7-14 days to make, and we only make a few hundred at a time. 


Frolic Coffee + Chocolate is a family brand. Husband and wife team Logan and Renee Byrd started the company in 2016, and still work the Farmers Markets stands alongside Logan’s parents Jill and Tim Byrd. You can find us at the Charlottesville City Farmers Market every Saturday and Wednesday from April through end of November.

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